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Bright and Brave: a new musical - Composer, Director
It is England, 1872, and a sense of longing has filled the halls of Eton College. Under the guidance of their controversially progressive tutor, best friends Regy and Chat have found themselves enraptured in what can only be the pure innocence of love. However, with the introduction of a new headmaster and the beginning of their adult lives around the corner, how their relationship will grow is uncertain. Inspired by their real journals, poems, and letters, "Bright and Brave" follows Regy and Chat through their lives as they struggle with societal pressures, grapple with who they are, and cope with what it means to love.

- Dixon Place: November '19


A Eulogy for Roman - Story by, Director
A young man called Milo arrives in New York City with an urn and a promise: to eulogize the recent death of his childhood best friend. The task proves more difficult than Milo anticipates, and he seeks assistance from the attendees to complete the memorial. Together, they confront death, celebrate life, and make a promise of their own. A Eulogy For Roman is a dark comedy, solo show premiere with audience interaction.

- East to Edinburgh Festival: July '22
- Edinburgh Festival Fringe: August '22
- 59E59 Theaters: August-September '23

The Celestial Plays - Writer, Director
A triptych of short movements for two performers inspired by the sun, the moon, and the stars. 

Part I. Painting Suns - siblings confront their relationship while finishing an art commission 
Part II. Only the Moon - soulmates experience the complete cycle of love
Part III. The Starkeepers - coworkers collect the wishes made on stars before the sun rises

- The Space at Irondale: January '23

Short Plays:

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 5.39.29 PM.png

Sparrow Song - Writer
Two song sparrows grow concerned when they notice the people who usually pass through their park are no longer there.

- Created in response to the Coronavirus pandemic and commissioned as part of Hickory Playground's Quarantine Diaries. 

- First presented in 2020 as an audio reading by At The Table: A Play Reading Series. 


Still. - Writer, Director
An artist and muse attempt to finish a painting.

- First presented in 2018 at the LIC One Act Festival, NYC


The Puppet Show Man - Writer, Director
A prima ballerina, a messenger, a queen, a hero, and a villain all reside within a large box carried by an elderly man.
Adapted from the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale.

- First presented in 2015 at Dixon Place, NYC

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